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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Fun

Although much of the East Coast has seen record snowfall and no longer finds snow appealing, we haven't seen much snow here. Consequently, the novelty and romance are still intact for us.

Mr. Incredible and I purposely sought out the snow recently. We went skiing for the first time in several years. I hadn't been skiing since Pookie Bear was two months old - seven years ago. Mr. Incredible had gone skiing a couple of years after that, but I was always pregnant, sadly.

Anyway, this year we ditched the kids at my mom's house (thanks bunches, Mom!) and took off for our own private retreat. Boy, was it fun! Unfortunately, the kids had changed our camera's setting to black and white, and we didn't realize it until we had already taken most of the pictures we wanted to take. Here are some favorites. Mr. Incredible took most of these.

After we got back from our trip, we had 5" of snow fall at our home, a most uncommon occurrence. The children were excited, and Daisy, our new dog (tell ya about that later) absolutely loved the snow.

Poor Buddy Bear didn't even last 5 minutes in the snow. Daisy loves the children and is pretty well-behaved, not jumping on them. But she's so big and heavy that she doesn't have to jump on Buddy Bear to topple him. He had just made it past the stoop and was curiously looking around when Daisy came up to lick his face. She knocked him over - face first in the snow. He screamed and cried until I took him in and got his snowy coat off. He didn't venture out the rest of the day.

Pookie and I made the snowman together. The other girls had decided they had had enough of the cold. Pookie wanted a girl snowman - note the spiked hair.

We enjoyed the unusual snow event, even if Daddy did have to work all day because of it. The night when it was supposed to snow, we set out buckets and pans to catch clean snow to make snow cream. We saved some snow and made snow cream for Daddy last night. So he didn't miss all the fun.

What winter fun have you had?