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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peeled Ears Answered

So I teased you guys a little bit with my Peeled Ears post.

Amber was correct. Pookie was trying to say pierced ears.

I had never had my ears pierced, and Mr. Incredible knew that I would like to be able to wear earrings but was afraid of the actual piercing. (I don't like needles, shots, etc. Pregnancy definitely tests the limits of my endurance!) So he gave me a shove by buying me two pairs of pierced earrings for Christmas. He was laughing at me when I opened them because he knew I'd love/hate the gift.

So I got my ears "peeled." (Man, the thought of that in actuality gives me the shudders. Can you imagine?! Ear piercing is barbaric enough!) Pookie shares my phobia of needles and wouldn't even look at me for several hours after I had the piercing done. Then she must have decided it was okay because she started asking if she could get her ears "peeled" and buy the princess crown earrings she had seen. Now she won't stop bugging us, even though we said we don't think she's old enough yet and will have to wait.

So there you have it - peeled ears. Gotta love the kids. :)

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