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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Creating a "Contact Me" form

I am really excited! I found out how to add a Contact form to my blog. Now, instead of your having to view my full profile to get my e-mail address, you can just click on the "Contact Me" link in my sidebar to be directed to my Contact form. I LOVE IT! It was so easy to add, too.

And since I love it, I thought I would generously share my source with you. Visit Han's post titled how-to contact form for blogger at BlogoSquare. I could not get the code provided in the post to work for me, but when I let Hans know, he graciously provided a link to a text file with the necessary code. When I used that code as specified, it worked like a charm. He has since edited his post to include further directions for using the code provided in the post and added a link to the text file that he provided me. Take a look at my contact form; this might be a useful tool for you as well.


Anonymous said...

Another helpful tip. You are on a roll! Thank you for all these great Blogger tips, R.

Revka said...

I'm glad you found this helpful, Frank. It can certainly help protect our privacy and more personal info. You are quite welcome. I like sharing my new toys with my friends. :)