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Monday, October 16, 2006

Free worksheets and activity ideas

While Pookie Bear can already count from 1-13, sing her alphabet, and knows practically all the colors, I think it's time to start teaching her more formally. I have searched the web for free worksheets and activity ideas (I don't want to buy stuff if I don't have to) and thought some of you might be interested in the resources I found. BTW, there is plenty of free stuff out there for grades other than pre-K and Kindergarten. Here are some of my favorite sites.

Worksheet Universe- has a TON of free reproducible worksheets in pdf format.

TLS Books also has a lot of reproducibles. They had 95 sheets for pre-K/Kindergarten alone and their copyright restrictions allow teachers to make up to 50 copies per worksheet.

Fun Lesson Plans is exactly what it says - a place to find fun lessons. There are free downloads as well as other resources that have to be purchased. I got some really neat downloads from here.

I just found a site that looks interesting. It is Progressive Phonics and for a limited time they are offering free downloads of their beginning reading books. They feature phonics as well as teaching the children words that have to be sight-read. Right now, they are only asking for feedback on the books as payment. The following books are available: Book 1: Short vowel A; Book 2: Short vowel E; Book 3: Short Vowel I; Book 4: Short Vowel O; Book 5: Short Vowel U; Book 6: Beginning Consonant blends; Book 7: Intro to Long Vowels; Book 8: End-of-word Consonant Blends and L-controlled Vowels; Book 9: ou/ow/oi Vowels; Book 10: Intermediate Long Vowels

Little Blessings Bible Lessons - free Bible lessons with lesson plans

Pre-school Rainbow has great activity ideas for toddlers