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Saturday, May 08, 2010

I'm Exhausted, but I Accomplished a Lot

These past two weeks have been very stressful as I have worked long hours to finish as many client projects as possible before taking a week long break from my business.

This past week was absolutely insane. From Monday through Friday, I did the following:

  • 4 Blueberry Delight custom blog design packages from start to finish
  • 1 custom HTML page, including all the coding and graphics
  • 1 navigation bar and contact form
  • 1 ecommerce website - final content and product insertion
  • 1 database transfer
  • 3 hours of transferring Word docs to pdf format and then inserting them into a website
  • 2 hours of maintenance
  • 4 hours of training clients how to use their sites
Of course, my house was a complete disaster since working 10 - 12 hour days leaves no time for anything else. So today, I concentrated on housework:
  • 8 large loads of laundry were wash, dried, folded/hung up, and put away (There are still around 5 large loads of dirty towels, bedding, and work uniforms.)
  • the girls' room was finally completely cleaned
  • 2 loads of dishes were washed, dried, and put away
  • vacuuming was done
  • and I can't remember what else...
I'm ready to drop. But I still need to finish the dishes and the laundry, clean the bathrooms, vacuum/sweep/mop that floors that need it, and dust. I think I'll do that on Monday.

After that, I'm taking a break and enjoying my family.

How about you?


A Dusty Frame said...


Revka said...

Yeah. Let's just say these have not been pleasant weeks for anyone and leave it at that.

DramaMama said...

I have had 4 kids in our house for the past 3 months and I am feeling it too! Mostly for us it's appointments galore that cause a back log of housework...but this week the schedule looks clearer and I hope to get more work in the yard done, some larger house projects and spend time w/friends!

Revka said...

I'm glad to hear it looks like you should be getting a break this week, too, DramaMama.

And it's great to see you here again. I thought I'd lost most of my blog friends because I've been posting so sporadically.

dana said...

I cannot rest, or do something enjoyable, when I know there's household jobs waiting...It's as if they have eyes and are staring at me....waiting....And once I get the last job mind remembers something else and I never get around to that one enjoyable thing I was holding in front of me like a carrot as a reward.......

Anonymous said...

wow! What accomplishments, it's like the super mom except they forgot to note that in real life a super mom doesn't mean you have the energy to do just the driving source of necessity. Lol, I hope y'all had a wonderful vacation! I have been busy, but not in the same way or to the same extent.
~ little sis

Revka said...

LOL, Dana, I've perfected the fine art of being oblivious to what I don't want to deal with. :)

Revka said...

Hey, Sis,

Yes, necessity is what drove me to do all of that. I had to have it done before we went on vacation on Tuesday! :)

Nope, definitely didn't have the energy. I actually made myself sick. At least I was well on our last full day of vacation.