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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

After having 4 little ones of my own, I understand my mother much better.

  • I understand why she sent us outside to play when we were having (very noisy) fun inside.
  • I understand why she lost her temper and yelled at us when we had done for the millionth time what she had repeatedly instructed us not to do.
  • I understand why she got frustrated when she was the one picking up our (HUGE) messes - yet again.
  • I understand why she always gave us the best of whatever we had and took the leftovers for herself.
  • I understand why she pawned special items from her mom and grandmother when we were more than a little short on money. (Mom, I still remember that china bride doll, antique pitcher, and very old copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin with regret and will never forget the expression on your face as you got in the car to see how much you could get for them.)
  • I understand her love for each one of us has endured despite disappointments and hurts.
  • I understand that I will always be her child - a part of her.
To all of you other mothers: Happy Mother's Day and God bless you.

To Mom: Thanks. I love you.


Anonymous said...

thank you Revka for the wonderful Mothers Day gift. i do love you

Revka said...

You're welcome, Mom. :)