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Monday, May 31, 2010

American Hero

A cap, a flag, a medal, too,
And an empty place at home.
He gave his life for me and you,
Defending his native loam.

In time of peace and time of war
He pledged us his very best.
Our nation's colors he proudly bore
On his shoulder or his chest.

Though tired, forlorn, and oft alone,
He steadily stood his watch.
With courage high, he did not moan;
His mission he would not botch.

The threat of pain or even death
Could never his set course sway.
And at the end with dying breath
"It was my duty," he'd say.

"He chose his doom - an unmarked tomb,"
The ungrateful ones still scoff
While in his house is an empty room
And a hat he can not doff.

Instead, he sleeps, his duty done.
He defended home and land.
He fought until his course he'd run.
In his honor now we stand.

~Revka Stearns

the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii

American cemetery at Normandy, France

Memorial Day flags at veteran's cemetery


Anonymous said...

thank you

Revka said...

Anonymous, it's my honor to remember those who have given all for me.

If you are or were a member of the military, I salute you and thank you, too.