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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Beautiful Surprise

It's a good thing that flowers aren't at the top of my "Favorite Gifts to Receive" list. Don't get me wrong - I like getting flowers, but I'm okay with not getting them, too.

Which, as I stated before, is a good thing because the last time Mr. Incredible gave me flowers was 4 days before he proposed to me. 10 years ago.

The last time, that is, until Saturday night when he surprised me by giving me a dozen roses for absolutely no reason. What a nice surprise! It definitely said, "I love you."

I think I've about photographed the poor flowers to death, using my early anniversary present (which I absolutely LOVE). I'll probably hang them upside down to dry tonight. I still have the dried roses from 10years ago. I arranged them in a crystal basket I have, and I love them as much now as I did when I first received them.

Here are some of my favorite photos of Saturday's roses. I know the first one is blurry and the second one makes it appear that I live in a crooked house, but I still like it them.


dana said...

When I used to get flowers, my heart would literally do a little "drop" as I smiled and said "Ooooooo" and "ahhhhh", because I think flowers are just too beautiful to be cut and put in a vase. Then I'd get to watch them daily and gather the victims as their petals hit the table.

I woke up this morning and looked at my blog. I was still half asleep and when it opened I was struck dumb! Then I gave a little "start" and said "OOOOoooooo!" (but not like when I get flowers)lol

I had forgotten..........

I'm getting SO OLD.


I am amazed that the itty bitty change (the inside border going from dark brown to taupe) made SUCH a huge difference!!!

No one has commented on it yet, and if they don't, I'm erasing them from my life forever!!

Thank you SO MUCH for my birthday present!