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Monday, September 22, 2008

Layne Daniel Is Nearly Home

I just stopped by Layne's blog to see if there were any updates. There have been two posted since I last wrote. Excerpt from the latest post:

Layne took a turn for the worse today. His fever began to go up along with his pulse rate. Both signs that it is almost time for the Lord to take him home. ... This night watch will be difficult but what joy awaits for Layne.
You can read the full update for yourself; however, it is the previous post that I highly recommend your reading.
...We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in July. I have had 20 wonderful years with Layne. His love shines out on every page. We have been so incredibly happy. 20 years just doesn’t seem long enough. I long for 20 more. ... Letting Layne go is the hardest thing the Lord has ever asked me to do. It’s so easy to think you have given God everything until He asks for the dearest thing of all. ... The coming loss is so great the grief is crushing. Only God’s grace lifts it from our hearts. In the face of such great grief though, there is still joy. ... Our road has been hard, the suffering has been long, our sorrow has been great; but, in the midst of it all we have had a loving, ever present, compassionate Heavenly Father. We know Him so much better now than we did a year and a half ago. We trust HIm more than we ever have because through it all He has never failed us. We love Him more because He has daily drawn us closer and closer to His heart. I have nothing but praise and thanksgiving to Him tonight. ...
Read the full post "Certain Victory"; you will be amazed and encouraged what God's grace can do for those going through such a trial.