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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pookie Bear and Buddy Bear

All of the girls love their new brother, but Buddy Bear is someone very special to Pookie Bear. Before I was even expecting him, she told her Sunday School teacher that she was going to have a new baby brother. Of course, when the teacher mentioned something to me about it, I was quite surprised and informed her that I didn't know anything about a new baby. *laugh*

When I found out that I was expecting a baby, Pookie was, naturally, convinced it was a boy. And she was right. When he was born, she shyly but happily informed us that she had prayed to God for him. And she had. In fact, last night, one of her VBS teachers told me that one night when she was in their FrontLine Club earlier this year, she prayed that God would help her baby brother to come out in 6 days. (At that point, I was maybe three months along.) Her teachers had the hardest time not laughing while she was praying, and I laughed when they told me about it, but the point is that Pookie has longed for and prayed for her brother for quite some time now.

Since he has been born, she has begged to be allowed to hold him just about every time I put him down. She carries him around (she's supposed to have adult supervision when she does that), tries to play with him, talks to him, and just loves him to pieces. She even changed his diaper all by herself yesterday.

She told me he needed a diaper change, and then a couple of minutes later hollered to tell me that she had changed it. I rushed into his room to find her struggling to fasten the new diaper securely. She proudly told me that she had remembered everything I always did: she had opened his diaper, placed a washcloth over him (I'm slightly paranoid about being sprayed), used wipes to clean the p**p off his bottom, removed the old diaper, applied A&D ointment, and put on the new diaper. I told her I was impressed.

You know what is slightly scary? Pookie is already setting aside things for the baby sister that she says is coming next. Wish me well! *laugh*


Jen said...

awwwwwwww such a beautiful photo of your daughter and baby

so do you think you will please her

I was only home from the hospital when my man said he wanted another one!!!

hes still waiting

have a nice weekend

Dana said...

All you have to do is look into Pookie Bear's eyes to see the wisdom of the ages. In the first century, she could have been a shaman. So listen to her.

Revka said...

Thanks, Jen. :) I've always said I wanted 5 or 6 children. (I think I'm down to 5 now.) So she probably will get her wish. We had 4 girls' names picked out when we were expecting her, and we have one left. Can't let it go to waste, right? *smile*

Revka said...

I call Pookie "my responsible 5 year old" - she has always been grown up for her age. And I have a feeling she is probably right about this, :)

Okay, here goes... said...

Revka, it's good to see you taking time out of your unbelievably busy life to post the great pictures o your petite bebe. Your family is adorable...

Cami said...

its amazing at how pookie bear looks after her brother :) smart girl for knowing how to change a diaper at 5, I didnt know how till i was 8. she is getting so big!