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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Handmade Cards and Where I Blog

Dana (language advisory if you follow the link) has become a good blogging friend. She used to work as a graphic artist and was even commissioned to redesign the Pillsbury Dough Boy about 15 years ago. Nowadays, she creates beautiful handmade cards. She sent me two for Buddy Bear's birth - one baby card and one handmade Wisdom booklet which contains a parable about being prepared for life's storms. I love both that card and the booklet- thank you, Dana!

Awhile ago, Dana also tagged me to show where I blog. Here is my computer area in my piano room (so called because of the baby grand piano in the room and also because that is where I give piano lessons). The picture on the wall is actually a puzzle Mr. Incredible and I put together. I can't remember if it is 750 or 1,000 pieces.


dana wyzard said...

I had the hardest time getting your comments link to....well...LINK! I type at 120 wpm, thank you very much. My keyboard has been known to start smoking.....maybe that's ME. I stopped smoking in Feb and just took it up again.....

I am not being dramatic here, but I feel like you are my own.....uh....daughter....SISTER? Nah. Closer to a daughter's age I suspect.

Anyway, don't remember exactly HOW I found you, but I'm glad I did.

I'll be on FIVESTARFRIDAY tomorrow.

I've been trying to come up with a card for all four of your darlins. I WILL come up with an idea, and they WILL like it. Promise.

Revka said...

I hate when Blogger acts up - sorry about that!

120 wpm - I figured you must be a fast typer. :)

I'm glad you found me, too, and I'll check you out on FSF.

Can't wait to see the card - I know they will love it.