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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Go BIG Network

While starting RS Designs actually required very little capital (I already had the tools I needed to create designs and only had to purchase small image credit packages), starting a business usually requires a rather significant financial investment. If you are an entrepreneur, you know that business funding comes from your own pocket unless you can find a person or people (you could call these people Angel Investors) who are willing to invest in your idea.

On the flip side, what if you have money that you wish to invest in a small business? How do you find a small business that has a viable plan in place that promises a positive return on your investment?

That is where the Go Big Network comes in.

The Go BIG Network is an on-line marketplace that connects the startup and small business community. The company allows startup companies, investors, advisors, job seekers and service providers to post requests for help on-line and have those requests routed to other members of the Network who can help them.
I took a look at Go Big Network earlier this week and so much liked what I saw that I went ahead and set up my free account. Here is what I found:
  • If you need venture capital or have money you want to invest, you can advertise your need or become an Angel Investor in the Funding section.
  • If you need help with you business plan, advertise your need at the Business Plans section.
  • If you would like to work for a startup or need to fill an open position in your business, you want to visit the Job section.
  • Web Design projects may be advertised and found in the Website section.
  • The Blog section features helpful articles contributed by select bloggers.
I plan to check Go Big Network often for design jobs and for people needing advice that I have to give.