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Friday, July 11, 2008

Comments Are Working Again

I apologize to those of you who have wished to comment the past couple of days and haven't been able to. I was trying out Blogger's new inline comment form feature (it's still in draft) but did not realize that a particular customization in my template meant that people could leave comments but those comments would not be able to be viewed. I only became aware of that fact after Dana asked me about it. Of course, I immediately reverted to the old comment form and forgot about the problem, thinking I had fixed it, until...

Good ol' Dana kindly let me know that now she couldn't leave any comment. Long story short - I had forgotten to change one particular setting. Wouldn't you know! I've fixed that setting, tested the comments, and now everything really does work. Thanks, Dana!

Feel free to leave comments about my brilliance ... *smile*


Anonymous said...

It only goes to show one thing.....well, TWO things: Always "stick with what brung ya" (a favorite saying of my mom)

AND.........drum roll..........WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME?????

You'd be thinking that all of your readers stopped reading!

Revka said...

But if I stuck with what I had, I'd never have gotten into blog design. :) I just need to remember to test things at my test blog first - just like I do for my clients.

I'd be lost without you. *grin* I was wondering why no one had commented yet. Well, duh - they couldn't!