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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are You Optimistic about Our Soon-to-be-elected President?

First, did I miss Hillary's concession speech? I still haven't heard that she has formally conceded the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama.

Second, I can tell you that it's going to be a long several months until election time. I had hoped that once the Democrats had a nominee, we would get a break in media coverage of the Presidential race. No such luck. Now Obama and McCain are are bashing each other's economic plans. I'm not thrilled with either candidate, let me tell you.

Yes, our economy is in a mess. People are hunting for jobs in Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, Brownsville (TX), and everywhere in between. The housing market is still pathetic, and gas prices continue to rise, creating a ripple effect that has not come close to reaching its peak. Times are already hard and will only continue to get worse.

I do not think it really matters which candidate gets elected. I believe the effects of our current situation will last for some time, no matter how our next President tries to improve the situation. And I don't believe that increasing our tax burden would help the situation any, no matter what a charismatic politician says.

What do you think of the Presidential candidates? Do you see any reason for optimism regarding either one?


Okay, here goes... said...

I'm not thrilled with either one of them either. In my opinion, we have an old man running, at 72 years old, his brain cells cannot be that fresh, and what will they be like in four more years? And I'm afraid we're in for reverse racism with Obama, especially from his wife.

Can you imagine a woman who said she has never been proud of her country until now as first lady. What does that tell us?

I was a Hillary fan, BECAUSE, she was devoted to her campaign, relentless in her fight, nobody ever worked harder against the good old boys society - she was knocked down constantly by the media, who never gave her a chance, and she took her lumps and plunged ahead. I think she would have helped women as much as she possibly could have if she were elected President. But that is not to be, and we're left with two radically different men, neither of which impress me.

You did ask, Revka. *grin*

Revka said...

Yes, I did ask. :) Thanks for sharing so candidly.

My pick was Mike Huckabee, and he put up a good fight. Like I said, I don't like either candidate.

Anonymous said...

I've never been thrilled with any of the incoming presidents. They can only get there in the first place if they are richer than God to begin with. How do ANY of them know what WE go through over one gallon of gas?? Even their postage is paid for!!

I'm not ready for any of them and my stocks prove that the country is scared poopless.

Anonymous said...


If you go to my blog you will see photos of where I sit while blogging. It brings us all closer when we can put a little personality with the people we ONLINE LOVE.

If you care to answer this challenge, place a photo of your blogging area.

Karen_thrifty said...

Well, since you asked . . . (big grin)

I can't stand Hillary. I don't trust Obama AT ALL. And McCain . . . I don't even know what to say about him. I guess if I had to pick the lesser evil of the three I'd pick McCain. Sad. So very sad.

Here's something to chew on:

Revka said...

Couldn't agree more, Dana! Oh, and I am taking your challenge. :) Have the pic - just need to post it.

Revka said...

That's exactly how I feel, Karen. What a lousy group from which to have to pick our next president. :(