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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When Is a Wine Rack Not a Wine Rack?

I've talked before about finding ways to reuse items instead of simply throwing them out. I think my favorite new use for an item so far is the sewing box that was originally a fishing tackle box.

I was thinking about things I have seen in thrift stores and realized that the purpose for which an object was created need not limit its uses. For example, I believe that it is wrong to consume alcoholic beverages; therefore, I would have absolutely no use for wine racks - as wine racks. I would, however, be very happy to use a wine rack for some other purpose. I can see one being useful for organizing scrapbooking and art supplies or (depending on the style) transforming a narrow table into a desk with a pigeonhole for any office tool imaginable.

Have you pressed a piece of furniture into service as something other than what it was created to be?


Grateful Gramma said...

Often! I have the bottom of an old Hoosier cabinet which holds some of my scrapbooking supplies. I have the bottom of a china cabinet which holds music. I have an old dresser which holds some of my granddaughter's VCR tapes. Old kitchen cabinets which now hold cookbooks. The list could go on and on. Needless to say, I have way too much stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I was cleaning out my tupperware. You know what I mean by tupperware. Anything that had butter in it from the grocery.

I have lots and lots of lids, but nothing to go with them and whenever I open the cabinet door, they all slide out onto the floor.

During my tossing spree, I found an old colandar that I don't use anymore and a flat bottomed, round sided my uh, tupperware? So I tossed them out too.

Later, I dug through the garbage and filled the colandar with dirt, put the colandar into the basket, set the basket on my porch and filled the dirt in the colandar with pansies. BEAUTIFUL!