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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yesterday was the first day of my "White Glove" mania. By the way, I'm not really going to clean as if someone were going to inspect my house with a white glove, though I remember all too well those White Glove inspections at Pensacola Christian College. I'm happy to report I never failed one.

Despite being away from home from 11:30 a.m. until 5:15 p.m (some pleasure and some not - just ask Pookie Bear who got her 5 yr checkup complete with 4 shots), I did get the girls' room cleaned. All I have left there is to hang up a basket of clothes that belongs in their closet. Now I just hope they will keep their room clean for the next 4 days!

Today, I am working on cleaning my piano/computer room. It is littered with clothes that need to be sorted and stored in our shed. I need to get that done before my piano student arrives at noon. I also plan to clean both bathrooms today - sinks, mirrors, counters, toilets, and all. I will sweep, but I'm not mopping until Thursday or Friday. The floors might be decent on Saturday if I hold off that long, but if I were to mop any earlier, it would just be wasted effort.

I'm trying not to overdo things, but I'm not so sure I'm succeeding. I keep having periodic contractions, most likely Braxton Hicks, but still painful. There are other things going on, too, but I will spare you the details. *laugh* I do have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and am scheduled for an ultrasound then, too, so we'll see what my doctor has to say.

At my last visit two weeks ago, she said that the baby had moved down low and appeared to be engaged. Considering I'm at 34 weeks now, it would be good if little man would wait 3 more weeks so he can be considered full term, but the way things go, he'll probably be late. (I keep telling myself that, hoping not to be disappointed if he does arrive after July 4.)

I hope you are feeling better than I am! *smile*


dana wyzard said...

Oh honey. Contractions. It takes so much more effort to clean a house than it does to KEEP it said my mom.

And every time my house is clean I say "I WILL KEEP IT CLEAN". I raise the flag and salute.

I do not see how you do all that you do AND teach piano. Are you some kind of wonder woman?? YEP. You are.

Revka said...

Your mom sounds great, and I love your pledge/salute. :) Why does my resolution never stick? Never mind, I know - 3 little munchkins! :)

I'm hardly wonder woman - I get sucked into something and focus on the one thing to the detriment of everything else I should be doing. *sigh* And I only have 1 piano student right now - a fact for which I am grateful! Some days, I pity my poor kids having me for a mommy ... but I do love them very much. :)

Karen @ Little Fun said...

I hope you feel better and that you have a productive week, without any flour or grits incidents. ;)

jeannie said...

Are you sure it is not time now? You sure are a busy bee!!!!!

I was late with one & I thought he would NEVER come. But, he did! (LOL)

Revka said...

Thanks, Karen. I would definitely be happy to skip the paint, flour, grist, fiasco this time around! :)

Revka said...

Jeannie, I'm only a busy bee because I have this party on Saturday and my house is a wreck. :)

Yeah, every day past the due date was torture for me. I opted to induce labor at 12 days overdue with my middle girl. My third daughter was scheduled to be induced at 12 days overdue as well, but I went into labor the night before and didn't need the induction after all. She was still born on the would-have-been induction date.