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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Thanks to everyone who left such sweet and encouraging comments on my last post. Mr. Incredible asked me last night if I was ready for labor. I replied that I was fast approaching the point where I don't care what it takes - just get this baby out of me! I know some women love being pregnant, but, honestly, I don't. And that's okay because the baby is worth it anyway.

So... I won't complain about pregnancy-related issues today. I'll just share a different annoyance with you. *grin*

Mr. Incredible and I recently had to complete a form which required both our printed and written names in two separate places. The first place just asked for our names. The second place asked for our first, middle, and last names. How would you have completed that first blank?

I actually debated about what I should do and opted to fill in first name, middle initial, and last name for each of us. Unfortunately, when we turned in the form, we were told that we should have used the full middle name instead of just the initial. I mentioned to the lady that the form didn't say that at the top even though it did at the bottom. She didn't say a word - offered no explanation or anything. Instead, we had to fill out a corrected form and pay an additional fee.

I was very frustrated. Why didn't they spell out exactly how they wanted us to fill in our names in the top blank like they did in the bottom one? Why did they penalize us for their failure to provide clear directions? To me, that's like telling your interior designer (we all used one to decorate our homes, right *laugh*) that you want curtains at every window but providing no further information. That leaves you open to a wide range of possibilities for what you will end up getting!

What do you think? Should I have just known to write our names in full? Should I find out how I can make a suggestion that they clarify their directions?


Anonymous said...

You can no longer say that a visitor hasn't stopped by. lol I have to return to the surgeon and I will read ALL of your blogs when I get home. Thank you SO much. Dana

Revka said...

Thanks, Dana! It's nice to see "1 visitor has dropped by" now. :)

I'm glad you stopped by and hope that you like what you find here. You are quite welcome ... for everything.

Talk to you later. :)

Shoshannah said...

I would have pitched a fit!