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Thursday, April 17, 2008

TV Shows (Rant)

Have you noticed how rapidly TV shows' quality has declined over the past 5 years or so? I've never been a big fan of sitcoms or many of the other shows that have aired over the past nine years (I never had a TV until we got married), but current programming seems to be glutted with reality shows (is it so hard to find "stars" through traditional talent management sources?), filth that doesn't even bother with innuendo but depicts everything in explicit detail, and shows that seem to have been tossed together without any effort to maintain a plot or include any real content.

Why have television executives opted to air trashy, fluffy programs instead of offering viewers more wholesome choices? I much prefer the type of comedy shown in "I Love Lucy" to what passes for comedy in "Last Comic Standing" or in sitcoms such as "Two and a Half Men." I don't understand what is funny about cursing and putting down others, nor do I think lewd behavior is comedic. Reality shows bore me. Call me a fuddy-duddy (yep, that word confirms that I am one *smile*), but some of my favorite shows are documentaries aired on PBS.

Unfortunately, I do not know what I can do to influence change. Society as a whole continues to push the bounds of propriety, respect, and decency further and further, and that is reflected in television programming. About the only thing I know to do is to not watch shows that prick my conscience and write posts ranting about my dissatisfaction. *laughing*

Do you have any ideas for making a difference?


Amber said...

This bothers me too. I can't imagine what will be on t.v. when our kids are grown up! One way to make a difference is to instill our values in our children. It may be a little difference, but our children will teach their children...and on it goes.

Revka said...

I know, Amber. I shudder to think of what the world in general will be like when are kids are grown up. I, too, believe that it is imperative that we pass along our beliefs and values to our children. They need to know that the 'anything goes' mentality is not right.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

jeannie said...

I guess I am a fuddy-duddy too!
My TV stays on HGTV. (when it is on)

Revka said...

HGTV would be awesome! We just get whatever is available over the air, but with our digital receiver, we do get PBS' HD channel, which offers some great show.

Glad I'm not the only fuddy-duddy. :)