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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Honey-Do List

We all have one, don't we? I'm sure my husband dreads hearing me say, "Honey, when you have time can you take care of ... for me?" Between the two of us, we certainly have quite a list of things to do around our house, but at least Mr. Incredible can count on my helping him.

  • replace the leaky faucet in our bathroom
  • thoroughly clean, paint, and decorate the baby's room (I'm thinking circus animals would be cute)
  • strip the wallpaper in both bathrooms, the kitchen, and the hallway
  • paint every room in the house except for the girls' room
  • replace all of the old nasty windows with energy efficient double-hung double-pane windows (someday)
  • have the carpet professionally cleaned (will definitely need to be replaced in the next few years - after the kids are a bit older and less prone to making dreadful messes)
  • spray paint and recover our patio furniture
I'm sure we will find plenty more to do, as if that weren't enough! What does your Honey-Do list look like?


Amber said...

Hey Revka, this is Amber (from Harvest, in case there is another Amber:)) I found your blog when I googled Pastor's name. I enjoyed the post about Sam, do you remember the time you were swinging her around in the bag? Poor Sam.

Revka said...

Hey, Amber! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Poor Sam is right! I most certainly remember that story and almost included it in my post but thought it was getting a bit too long. I'll have to give it its own post. :)

Shakadal said...


Amber said...

I found you blog on a google search about changing to a non-blogger font, and was wonderng if you would still be able and or willing to email me how to change it. I know your post was over a year ago, so if you are not able to, that is ok, if so, my email is Thanks a ton!