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Friday, April 11, 2008

Giving Thanks Where It Is Due

Over at RS Designs, I just posted about my lack of business knowledge and skills. Since I am a small business owner and have been for one year now, I am doing all I can to change that fact. I am finding myself more and more fascinated by how much is involved in being a successful business woman. I'm just glad mine is an e-commerce business so I don't have to purchase expensive clothing or invest in a Zero Halliburton briefcase (though I really like their leather briefcases). I have enough to learn and be without having to worry about presenting a polished appearance at all times. That simply isn't me.

As I was reading The Edge of Success: 9 Building Blocks to Double Your Sales, a free e-book which I highly recommend, I realized that it was about a year ago when I solicited 25 brave souls who would be willing to let me, an unknown and inexperienced wanna-be designer, experiment by creating headers for their blogs. Thankfully, the headers turned out well, and many of those bloggers still use the headers I created nearly a year ago.

If it weren't for these people's bravery, I probably would never have started RS Designs, and I'd like to publicly thank them for giving me the confidence I needed to make that giant leap. Here are their first names or pseudonyms and a link to their blogs.

  1. Linda - Making a Happy Life (she is now my design partner)
  2. Ginny - Mom of 2 Dancers
  3. Justice Jones - MamaLaw
  4. Shawna - Through the Midst of Despair
  5. Julie - Cutting Back
  6. Jenny - Three Ring Circus (that blog no longer exists, but the link will take you to another of her blogs)
  7. The Mommy Blawger - The Mommy Blawg
  8. Michelle - Smooches and Smacks
  9. Michelle - Colored Girls Who Have Considered...
  10. D - Memory Bay
  11. Heidi - God's Grace in Practice (She is dealing with having her newborn baby in NICU. Some encouragement would be great, I am sure!)
  12. Amy - Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging
  13. Holly - Keeper of the Home
  14. Tanyetta - Days Like These
  15. Gracie - Echoes of Grace
  16. The Hot Dog Man - The Hot Dog Truck
  17. Babystepper - Still Taking Baby Steps
  18. Heather - Heather's Reality Show
  19. Twin Sun Plus 1 - Land O' Sunshine
  20. Meredith - Like Merchant Ships
  21. Charity - Adding Arrows to Our Quiver
  22. Michelle - Faith, Family, and Friends
  23. Barbara - Naturally WAHMs
  24. Cynthy - Porch Rails
  25. Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry
To all of you, thank you very much!


Linda said...

Well thank You Revka for offering to help me with my header. :)If it hadn't been for that... :) I am extremely happy to be working with you!

Love ya girl!