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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Couch Dilemma

We are debating whether or not to accept yet another couch. You see, between the kids spilling drinks (which they are not allowed to have in the living room!) and the annoying cat using it as a scratching post, our current couch is in pretty bad shape.

The couch we are considering taking is not new, nor is it luxurious like the home theater seating which haunts Mr. Incredible's dreams. However, it has been well taken care of, is comfortable, and has two recliners - one at each end. The only problem we are facing is space. After smugly thinking that our new living room arrangement was set and would not be changed for quite some time, I found out that this new couch is a foot longer than our current couch. If we do take the couch, we will be rearranging yet again. It might be worth the trouble to have a newer couch in nicer condition and to have the two additional recliners.

Any thoughts?