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Monday, April 07, 2008

Coming Soon...

What would an actress receiving an Oscar be without designer jewelry? She could be perfectly dressed, but without the stunning jewels, her outfit would be missing the finishing touch. To me, Blogger has often been like that actress - the "bling" has been missing from some crucial areas.

Don't get me wrong; there are plenty of things I love about Blogger: the freedom we have to edit our template and customize it to our hearts' desire and the preview feature that means you can view your template changes without first having to make them go live are two of my favorite features. But I have never liked the comment form, the inability to require commenters to leave their e-mail addresses so that you can respond to them personally, or the inability to set a post to automatically publish at some future date.

I am happy to have found out that Blogger is working on fixing bugs related to the new scheduled posting feature they have created. It's about time! Right now, this feature still has bugs when used in blogs published via FTP, and you have to login to your blog via to be able to schedule automatic publishing, but if this feature is already at this stage, it isn't too far from being released to everyone. Three cheers for Blogger!