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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Because of an HDTV....

I think the domino effect caused by Mr. Incredible's HDTV purchase has finally come to an end. It's kind of like the poem that says something like, "Because of a nail, a shoe was lost. Because of a shoe, a horse was lost..." Here's how our tale unfolded.

  • Because of the widescreen TV, a new TV stand/entertainment center was needed. (Mr. Incredible debated but finally opted not to go with the wall tv mount.
  • Because the new TV stand was much shorter than our old entertainment center, two shelves were purchased to go over the TV.
  • Because those two shelves were both shorter in width than our old entertainment center, Mr. Incredibles' 24-car NASCAR display case needed to be moved to a new location, which decreed the purchase of one more shelf.
  • Because Mr. Incredible's display case was moved to a new position, the canvas photo of our three girls had to be moved to a new location.
  • Because the new TV stand did not have all the shelfs that our old entertainment center had, a 3-shelf bookcase was purchased to make up for the missing storage.
Thankfully, that is all that "needed" to be purchased; however, today we spent close to an hour rearranging our living room to best utilize our furniture. I like the new arrangement better than the old, but I'm glad to have everything settled once more.


Michelle said...

I have the whol domino effect just beginning! We got the TV, now we have to get the wall mount! The entertainment center is being replaced by a book shelf. The wall shelves have to be moved to make room for said book shelf. And then we have to add the new surround sound (eventually) to go with new TV. Why do men do this!

Revka said...

You, too, Michelle? It's definitely a guy thing! And I have no clue why they do this. :)

Mr. Incredible got the surround sound last year, so at least we didn't have to mess with that.

Have ... fun? :D

Karen said...

I had this happen as well, but a little different order. First my husband wanted a new entertainment center, then we decided we should get an entertainment center fit for a flat screen tv since that is what they will all be in the future (we hope). Then we had to get the tv of course. Then when our custom entertainment center was finished we asked the furniture guy if it would be easy to move if we ever decided to get new floors in our family room and from his answer we decided to install hardwood floors throughout most of the downstairs, something we had planned on doing down the road. Ugh what a month, but everything is finished now and worth it i guess :)