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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mr. Incredible Update

The past few days have been really busy around here, and I am not quite sure why. Possibly because we had to get everything ready for Mr. Incredible to go to his second (and final) round of classes for the year. We'll all be glad when he is done. The girls miss him when he is gone, and you can be sure that I do, too!

Although Mr. Incredible is encountering minor irritations caused by working with others again, he is enjoying his new work. We are particularly pleased with the prospects his new position presents for our future. The Lord has been really gracious to allow Mr. Incredible two years to work alone and gain confidence with this company before gently moving him into this position. When he first started working with the company, he emphatically declared that he did not want to be in the position in which he now finds himself. We can laugh about it now, but at that time he simply was not ready for that work.

I mentioned before that his benefits are good. I am glad that being in a semi-dangerous line of work does not mean that Mr. Incredible has to purchase high risk life insurance. Policies for both of us total less than $20 per month, and our family health insurance policy costs significantly less for much better coverage than was included in the policy offered by his former employer. Regular contributions to his 401k plan decrease our tax liability and are a wise choice for us because of his employer's matching contribution plan. A yearly merit evaluation and a mid-year cost of living increase have meant that his salary has increased significantly in the two years he has worked for this company. God sure was good to us when He gave this job to Mr. Incredible!

In addition to routine benefits such as those listed above, this company also sets yearly goals for the different regions. If a region meets a minimum number of said goals, the employees receive a bonus check. The number of goals achieved determines the bonus percentage. Mr. Incredible's region attained 10 out of 10 goals last year, meaning that he will be receiving a very welcome bonus check in the hear future. Thanks to his bonus check and our income tax refund, by the end of March, the only debt we will have left will be our car payment and our mortgage, and we will be able to boost our savings and still have money for a few special things we have wanted. We nearly always pay off any credit card debt as soon as we get the bill, and it will feel good to have a zero balance again after carrying a small balance for a couple of months. Debt-free living is so ... freeing!

So how have you been doing? I hope you are all well. Take care of yourselves. *smile*